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Manage your waste the right way
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What we believe in
We envision a world where being environmentally conscious is second-nature, and taking care of our environment and health is embedded in our lifestyle.
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our purpose

What we do

We work with municipalities to design and deploy citizen-centric, fit-for-purpose, integrated, and sustainable waste management masterplans. Our focus is on citizens' outreach to reduce, reuse, and sort waste all enabled by technology; in addition to implementing waste tracing to monitor performance, optimize efficiency, and ensure higher material and value recovery. This enables municipalities to reduce their waste management costs, recover value from waste, and alleviate health and environmental issues due to waste mismanagement.

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With Nadeera, your municipality will have the right tools and resources at hand to deploy resident-centric, tailored, integrated  solid waste management solutions; all the while being environmentally sustainable and cost-effective.

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Becoming a Nadeera resident and using our app will allow you to easily learn new skills, adapt to environmentally-conscious behavior, and see the direct value and impact of the effort you put to managing your waste at home.

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about us

Who we are

After the 2015 waste crisis, the fragility of the waste management sector in Lebanon was revealed. Our motivation for a better environment drove us to seek and develop innovative solutions to implement, and our experience in the field showed us the key problems: Municipalities lack the know-how and resources to deploy any solutions, while citizens lack the will to put any effort, time, or money in a system they don't see or trust.
We finally got together to bring Nadeera to life, a social enterprise that speaks to both the municipality and the citizen. We put the system in place, empower municipalities to deploy it, and engage the citizen at every step of the way.

our Team

Rabih El Chaar


Rana Hajjar


Reem Khattar

Business Development

Nayla Zanabili


Nadine Saadeddine

Software Development

Sohaib El Khatib

Software Development


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